History — Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation


GAMES started as the EU Research and Training Network "Games and Automata for Synthesis and Validation" in 2002 and operated in this form until 2006. A strong community formed during these years as exhibited by the increasing numbers of participants in the annual GAMES meetings. To ensure continuity, the GAMES meeting in Lausanne in 2007 was organised, and future meetings are planned.

Teams that participated in the GAMES RTN

Germany Aachen
Aachen University
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Erich Grädel
Department of Computer Science 7 Wolfgang Thomas
France Bordeaux
University of Bordeaux I
LABRI David Janin
UK Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
Julian Bradfield
France Paris
University of Paris 7
LIAFA Anca Muscholl
USA Rice
Rice University
Department of Computer Science Moshe Vardi
Sweden Uppsala
Uppsala University
Department of Information Technology Bengt Jonsson
Austria Vienna
Vienna University of Technology
DBAI Georg Gottlob
Poland Warsaw
Warsaw University
Institute of Informatics Jerzy Tyszkiewicz